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My mother with her 9 brothers and sisters in 1962.
They are standing in front of the barn at the small farm where they grew up.  Only three of them are alive today (2002).  My mother died in 1994, 92 years old. The picture was taken the same day they buried their father (my grandfather).

From the left: Edvard, Ragna, Reinert, Thora (my mother), Bjarne, Martha, Arvid, Karen, Thorleif and Ovidia.

My fathers family.
Anna Kaisa og Gustav Monsen with their 8 children.  The picture is taken around 1900.  Johan is my father, he died in 1982, 90 years old.  Anna is my aunt  immigrating to the USA in 1907.

My aunt Hilda had a son (my cousin Per Fagerli) who was immigrating to the USA in 1948.  His descendants still live in Philadelphia, PA.

My grandfather in his fishing boat (probably in the 1920's)

The small farm Nygård (Skårnesdalen) on Kirkeøy (Kirkeøy means "The island with the church").  This is an island in the Hvaler archipelago outside the town where I live.   This is the place my mother was born and grew up.  My grandfather was a farmer and fisherman.  In his younger days he was a sailor.

This is what the place we now are living looked like around the year 1900.  To day it is crowded with  houses all over.

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